Splunk Professional Services

At Halvis Consulting we understand there are multiple solutions that can meet the needs of our clients. Our consultants are accredited by Splunk in Core Enterprise, Enterprise Security (ES), and IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). We strive to work closely with you, whether on-site or remotely; to architect, design, and implement a Splunk best practice solution that meets your business requirements and empowers you to do more with your data.


Architecture Design

Splunk is all about data and giving you the actionable insight you need to make informed decisions.  Our consultants have experience designing Splunk environments of all sizes; ranging from a few gigabytes of data per day to multiple terabytes per day.  Jointly we will design an environment, whether on-premise or in Splunk Cloud, that not only meets your current data volume requirements but can be scaled to meet your future data growth. 


Solution Design

Developing solutions that meet your business needs is a critical component of any successful Splunk deployment. We will work with your organization to understand your specific use cases for security, operational intelligence, as well as those you may have in other aspects of your business.  Together we will design a detailed solution to meet your requirements.



Our Splunk accredited consultants will work with your teams to build out the Splunk environment as per the designed architecture. In conjunction with your subject-matter-experts we will commence the “ingestion” of data required for your use cases into Splunk. Our consultants will develop your use cases utilizing Splunk best practices to deliver the outcomes agreed upon. Finally, we will conduct a knowledge transfer so that your organization is prepared for operational success at the end of our engagement.


Splunk Optimization Check

Over time, a number of contributing elements can be introduced that may negatively impact the health of your Splunk environment.  Our Splunk accredited consultants will conduct a comprehensive technical review of your environment and provide an assessment of the current effectiveness of your investment.  We will identify performance issues and risks, as well as teach you how to improve your Splunk processes, architecture and benchmarking to ensure your deployment remains sustainable, upgradeable, stable and ready to scale.


Other Services

We have built strong relationships with like-minded companies who strive to provide the same level of commitment to their customers as we do.  As a result, we are able to leverage our partner network and offer additional services that our customers may require.  Please contact us to learn more about services available.